What's in your water?

Whole Home

We use water in just about every activity throughout our home.

Showering, cleaning the car, cleaning the kitchen & bathroom.

Benefits of treating your entire homes water quality:

  • Revitalized hair that holds color better, longer, without stripping
  • Spot-Free clean & rinse, without the Car Wash cost!
  • Faucets, shower heads & kitchen appliances without destructive build up

Drinking Water

Because our bodies are made of over 60% water, it makes sense to think about all the ways that we drink it and how we can improve its use & taste!

Benefits you receive from treating your drinking water:

  • Refreshing, pure taste comes without a bottle, right from your kitchen sink
  • Enjoy coffee & tea that isn't bitter! Now your home will be the first stop for quality beverages!

Laundry Solutions

This highly effective system lifts away dirt and odors with ActivePure® Oxygen Technology

This innovative process achieves:

  • Brighter whites
  • Reduces fading in colors
  • Helps eliminate film on clothing
  • Reduces odors, instead of masking
  • Saves on energy & detergent costs
  • Gentle on sensitive skin

Well Water

Because the city isn't required to treat Well Water, it's very important to have your well tested annually to ensure safe water for your family

Benefits of treating well water:

  • Helps eliminate orange coloring on your toilets, sinks and bath tubs
  • Bacterial/Virus contaminents are under control, for safe drinking
  • Minerals causing corrosion are no longer a costly concern

Business & Commercial

Thousands of businesses use water in servicing their customers, providing the best quality products that build business, and save money

Benefits of treating your Company's water:

  • From cooking, to cleaning businesses: Pure, soft water can help you tackle any job, with ease!
  • Provide great tasting water to employees & customers without the added cost of bottled water